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Freight Team has the expertise to analyze and help implement supply chain logistics solutions with guaranteed success and ROI value.


Freight Team can work in many different ways with your management executives, staff, service providers and customers. Think of Freight Team as the ‘Go-To’ people to help your company maintain its competitive edge and supply chain performance.


Our team of experienced logistics veterans and partners have diverse experience in all phases of domestic and global transportation covering air freight, ocean freight, trucking, intermodal, warehousing, software technology, tender bid procurement, freight rate management, and security compliance.

RFQ / RFP Logistics Procurement

Going out to bid and asking carriers/service providers for rates and service is very time-consuming. Negotiating the best cost requires knowing the economics of the marketplace, carrier capacity, and the supply-demand drivers. This information requires trend visibility and good relationships with logistics service providers.


Most companies generally stay with one or two service providers until something major goes wrong. These companies usually don’t get the best cost and service. In today’s economic environment, staying competitive is directly related to your freight cost and service. Freight Team takes the hassle out of Logistics Bid Procurement. We work with industry veterans and software technology companies who know how to analyze the logistics marketplace and provide your company with the ‘Big Data’ visibility required to negotiate cost savings and the best service to stay competitive and profitable. Learn more about Logistics Procurement

Contract Rate Management & Auditing Services

Freight Team offers Contract Rate Management and Freight Invoice Auditing services to help shippers control and reduce transportation costs. Learn more about Contract Rate Management & Auditing

Security and Customs Compliance

Over the last 10 years regulatory security compliance has become a required component of logistics and supply chain management. Most importers and exporters have relied on logistics service providers and customs brokers to take care of the security and customs compliance reporting processes.


The security and customs compliance responsibility is changing to the importer – exporter liability level. Now, exporters and importers are becoming directly responsible to make sure their company is in full compliance to security requirement such as 10+2 Importer Security Filing Program, CBP, and Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) compliance. Compliance failures mean huge penalties for exporters and importers. Compliance Programs will dramatically change how global shippers manage their supply chain logistics. Does your company have a compliance plan in place? Are you sure you have the best logistics management software to keep your company in compliance? Learn more about the Importer Security Filing

C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

C-TPAT is a voluntary government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen and improve overall international supply chain and U.S. border security. C-TPAT recognizes that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can provide the highest level of cargo security only through close cooperation with the ultimate owners of the international supply chain such as importers, carriers, consolidators, licensed customs brokers, and manufacturers. Learn more about C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism